13 December 2008

TSSI M9 Assault Medical Backpack, ACU

TSSI M9 Assault Medical Backpack, ACU

I was lucky to get my hands on this and play with it at Fort Sam. Have you ever been on a dismounted patrol and wondered why you were the only idiot with a 60lbs bag on your back, sticking out like a sore thumb? This aid bag is the answer to that question. It's slim and low profile and you literally cannot stuff it full of crap. So, you can leave your behemoth of a trauma bag in the vehicle and dismount with this little beauty.

It has an NSN, so get your unit supply to get this before you drop $279.00 on this thing. While it is worth it, spend the Army's money.

Give to our brothers and sisters- Intrepid fallen Heroes Fund and CFC

Doc out.

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