16 December 2008

Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)

I keep mentioning the CFC, as well as Intrepid, and I wanted to put a link in. This is a good cause. I realize that we are the most underpaid public servants in the US. All we have is job satisfaction, but even if you can only give $5.00 a month to CFC, that's a lot. Personally, I go for charities that help Veterans, but you can contribute to anyone you like, any cause you like, knowing that it has been vetted as not some scam or crap charity. The money you give will go to help someone. I've been giving $5.00 for years and finally went up to $10.00 this year. If you aren't sure who to give to, some suggestions:

Fisher House
Your local United Way

These are just some suggestions, but seriously, give back. There are a lot of people out there who want to help us, especially if we get injured while overseas. So, let's help them help our brethren out. They need money to take care of injured and needy, and no one knows what they've gone through more than us.

Doc out.

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