21 December 2008

Quick Favor

Whatever reason you came to this site, drop a line in the comments so that I can know what's being looked at, how you're getting here, etc.

If you have anything you want me to post about, put it in the comments.

18 December 2008

HIgh Threat Extraction

In this day and age, we are still using the same archaic methods of extracting the wounded from an exposed position to safety. Unfortunately, it's a real good way to lose medics, as we typically will run out into the middle of the most dangerous situation. As they say, their is a fine line between stupid and brave. Once I find it, I'll embed a video of an attempted extraction during Fallujah, that resulted in 2 additional casualties, as well as the original.

So, what do we do. Well, several companies have begun to answer this problem. From North American Rescue, we have the High Threat Extraction Kit, which includes the Dragon™ Handle System, RAT Strap [Rescue Assault Tether], and the Hasty Harness, as well as some other carabiners, etc. The links will go directly a picture of the item. You'll also find the Dragon Harness seems to be a useful item. You wear it under your armor and your buddies can just come and grab you. Bear in mind, the strap on the body armor is not meant to be used for extraction. It will most likely break.

You can also go with the tried and true Poleless Litter, which is one of my personal favorite pieces of gear. I never went on patrol without one. Also, if your supply system sucks, you can always purchase tubular nylon and fabricate all this high speed stuff yourself. You can find training videos here

Just remember, whatever your extraction plan is, it needs to flexible and easy to implement. The battlefield is fluid and can change at a moments notice. Also, the plan needs to cover from point of injury to CASEVAC. And lastly, it needs to be realistic.

16 December 2008

Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)

I keep mentioning the CFC, as well as Intrepid, and I wanted to put a link in. This is a good cause. I realize that we are the most underpaid public servants in the US. All we have is job satisfaction, but even if you can only give $5.00 a month to CFC, that's a lot. Personally, I go for charities that help Veterans, but you can contribute to anyone you like, any cause you like, knowing that it has been vetted as not some scam or crap charity. The money you give will go to help someone. I've been giving $5.00 for years and finally went up to $10.00 this year. If you aren't sure who to give to, some suggestions:

Fisher House
Your local United Way

These are just some suggestions, but seriously, give back. There are a lot of people out there who want to help us, especially if we get injured while overseas. So, let's help them help our brethren out. They need money to take care of injured and needy, and no one knows what they've gone through more than us.

Doc out.

TCMC - Tactical Combat Medical Care Course

FYI, if you're a military Medic, especially Army, and you're not subscribed to the TCMC page, then you're a fool. It has multiple presentations on what's being taught in TCMC, as well as enhancing your CLS classes. Also, their is an amazing amount of videos on how to work with multplie pieces of equipment. Do yourself and your Soldiers a favor and get on this page and start utilizing to enhance your skills and enhance your CLS Course.

Give to our brothers and sisters- Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund and CFC

Doc out.

CUF Tactical Thigh Rig and Medic Vest

CUF Tactical Medic Vest
Medic designed. Medic intended. For Medics.

The CUF Kit (Care Under Fire) Tactical Medic Thigh Rig

I've been wanting to check these two items out. If you have any experience with it, leave it in the comments. They look interesting and like they would be useful, but they also aren't cheap; no more than any other tactical gear, but spending money to find out something doesn't work right isn't a good idea.

Give to our brothers and sisters- Intrepid Fallen heroes Fund and CFC

Doc out.

14 December 2008

Professional Soldiers Forum

These guys have a pretty comprehensive forum on various military stuff. The medical stuff has some good info.

My advice, though? Just lurk and use it as a resource. Don't sign up and don't dare ask a question. The guys running the site are grade A douchebags. They have an allergy to sharing their knowledge and they'd rather preen about how awesome they are instead of actually answering a question.

So, good resource, douchebag members. Avoid them, but take what you can from the site.

Support our brothers and sisters- Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund

Doc out.

Combat Casualty Response Kit® - Squad

Combat Casualty Response Kit® - Squad

This is something else I got to play with at Sam. I like it's setup, better than traditional CLS bags. I think these sets would be ideal for vehicle bags as well. My intent would be to have one in each vehicle, plus my aforementioned M9 bag, as well as my London Bridge Trauma bag. This gives me supplies in each vehicle, plus a response bag, and my traditional bag for more supplies and MASCAL scenarios.

As usual, they come packed, but their is plenty of room to pull everything out and make it "yours".

Give to our brothers and sisters- Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund

Doc out.

13 December 2008

TSSI M9 Assault Medical Backpack, ACU

TSSI M9 Assault Medical Backpack, ACU

I was lucky to get my hands on this and play with it at Fort Sam. Have you ever been on a dismounted patrol and wondered why you were the only idiot with a 60lbs bag on your back, sticking out like a sore thumb? This aid bag is the answer to that question. It's slim and low profile and you literally cannot stuff it full of crap. So, you can leave your behemoth of a trauma bag in the vehicle and dismount with this little beauty.

It has an NSN, so get your unit supply to get this before you drop $279.00 on this thing. While it is worth it, spend the Army's money.

Give to our brothers and sisters- Intrepid fallen Heroes Fund and CFC

Doc out.

1st Post- Awesome

The purpose of this blog is to find and consolidate cool gear and good equipment for the modern military Medic. These are of course going to be my opinions only and are not meant in any way to be an endorsement by thr US Army, Federal Government, or any other institution.

As you guys know, there is all kinds of gear out there from aid bags to drop leg pouches, knives, gloves, etc. There is so much to choose from, that it's hard to pick one, as no one wants to spend a third of our paycheck for something that doesn't perform. Hopefully, I can help you narrow it down a bit, based on my own research and some stuff I've put my hands on.

I suggest you follow the links to your right, as those are my favorite places to shop and where I've been willing to spend money.

Give to our brothers and sisters- Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund and CFC

Doc out.